The efficacy of the red vase

Same source of medical food

It is said that a balanced and delicious meal is better than treatment.
There’s nothing like a healthy diet than any good vitamin supplement.
Because it is the one that enters the mouth, it becomes energy to move my important body,
We want to be considerate of the ingredients.

Effect of pepper

Chili peppers are not only spicy, but also vitamin-rich vegetables. Capsaicin not only promotes fat burning and metabolism, but also warms the stomach and intestines, so it is known to be effective for abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by cold. In addition, it is not well known, but fatigue recovery effect can be expected. And, it is said that it is happy and happy because it secretes adrenaline which is a happy substance.

a red casp that is mainly used in red peppers

Asaten chili pepper, Korean chili pepper, Dolsetnaga, Jorokianaga, Bar’s eye, Tiger Eye, Cheitre Lantern, Keian chili pepper, Habanero, Jalapeno, Iwojima chili pepper, Kanzuri, Mitaka, Mikara, Ajimekosho, Trinidad scorpion, mountain pepper, hime pepper etc…

Original chili peppers are on sale!

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About the efficacy of the ingredients

  • The 棗 (Natsume)

    It is a sweet potato that became a topic with an effect on the constitution improvement of hay fever. It is rich in nutrients that are effective in improving coldness and relieving menstruation, and the more the saying is that if you eat three nutmeg a day, you will not get old, so it is excellent in anti-aging and beautiful skin effects.

  • Octagonal

    Octal angle is said to improve the workings of the gastrointestinal tract and relieve inflammation of the throat. There is also an action to warm the body, it is effective in improving the coldness, mental stability, also breast milk is said to come out well.

  • Sansho

    It is said to be good for loss of appetite, obesity, abdominal pain, soft stool, severity of limbs, decrease in urine volume, etc. Because it has the effect of warming the body from the inside, it is said to be effective for those who are cold and those who have a hard time with menstruation.

  • Yurine

    Nourishing tonic, anti-inflammatory, coughing, diuretics, coughing as a sedative, etc.

  • It snowed.

    Antibacterial, diuretic. It is often used as folk remedies. It has the effect of pure heat, detoxification, and cool blood.

  • Kidori

    As anti-inflammatory diuretics and analgesics, it has the effect of working on female hormones such as urine disadvantage, rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, menstrual irregularity, etc.

  • Korean carrot

    Tonic, tonic, tonic, strong, stomach, prosthensiation, tired and hateful body. It is also used as a promotion drug for the decline of metabolic function due to stomach weakness, and is effective for gastric stagnation, dyspepsia, vomiting, chest pain, relaxing diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.

  • Kaimo

    As an antitussive, expectorant, and drainage medicine, it has the effect of discharging toxins of the body.

  • Reigishi mushroom

    It has the effect of improving the balance of hormones that have collapsed due to daily fatigue to adjust and restore the autonomic nervous system.

Ingredients used

  • Rice – Iwate At first-time love
    Cultivation of sun-dried rice and de-fertilized medicine

    I finish it carefully with the taste of the sun one by one. It is an old-fashioned method, and it has a warm taste that people and nature made together. I make it at the owner’s parents’ house (Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture).

  • Garlic

    We use special Aomori garlic. The best garlic is characterized by its elegant aroma and hard to leave a smell.

  • Secret Soup

    Chickens, pork and vegetables are simmered over a three-day process to food with umami. Soups with concentrated umami of ingredients are very nutritious. It is used for various dishes, but please taste it in a red pot where you can enjoy the secret soup as it is.

  • Salt Rose Salt
    The World’s Largest Andes Mountains in South America
    Bolivian rock salt

    It contains a lot of iron and calcium, especially salt that women’s bodies are pleased with. Because there is little salt, and there is a taste with mellow depth, it pulls out the umami of the material.

  • Vegetable Seasonal Vegetables

    In keeping with the ancient health method of “fuji” that “seasonal things are eaten in that season”, we use vegetables that are particular about the season.
    We make dishes that maximize the effectiveness of vegetables.

  • Lar oil leek oil

    It is said that fat accumulated in the body can only be shed with good fat. In addition, because it is the origin of the spicy taste, we use safe and secure ingredients and make it by hand in our shop. All our dishes are made from homemade oil. Please enjoy the taste of authentic oil that can not be tasted anywhere else.

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