Drink menu

Beer (650 yen each)

Draft beer (Asahi) Mokkori Beer
Black draft beer Luxury Tomato Beer
Half & Half Ginger Beer
Cranberry Beer  
Deals pitcher (5-6 cups) 2600 yen


The high ball! (With giant peak, benchitsu, vitamins, calcium) 650 yen
Corner Highball 600 yen
Lemon Highball 650 yen
Yuzu Highball 650 yen
Ginger Highballs 650 yen
Seek Waser Highball 650 yen
Harper (disambiguation) 700 yen
Hakushu 750 yen
Yamazaki Premium 800 yen
Yamazaki 12 years (rock, soda, water split) 1500 yen


We have a selection of carefully selected sakes that are popular with sake lovers. Please take a look at the blackboard in the store.

We will provide it by the glass. (100ml) 500 yen

Maccoli (disambiguatia)

It is Maccoli which is characterized by a refreshing mouth-to-mouth feeling of fine carbonic acid.

Glass (180ml) 650 yen
Maccoli (4-5 cups) 2200 yen


Sour! (With
giant peak, benchitsu, vitamins, calcium)
650 yen
Freshly squeezed lemon sour 650 yen
Aiko Grandma’s Vinegar Sour 650 yen
SeekWarther Sour 650 yen
Luxury Tomato Sour 650 yen
Oolong Tea 600 yen
Thick green tea 600 yen
Jasmine Tea 600 yen
Cranberry Juice 650 yen
Organic barley young leaf green juice split 650 yen
White ball dew (potato shochu, Kagoshima, shiratama brewing) 600 yen
Shiratama Brewery is also famous for its sake brewing that has made “Maoo” into the world. It is a shochu that can be said to be the origin of the devil with shochu that exudes the golden Chinuki from Daegu with white birth and is finished by constant pressure distillation.
Sandake (Imo Shochu, Kagoshima, Sandake Brewery) 650 yen
“Sandake”, a full-fledged shochu prepared with pure 洌 and rich water from Japan’s 100 best waters using carefully selected Sweet Potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture as a raw material, has a mellow and unique flavor, good drinking mouth and refreshing intoxication.
Oniyaki (Charcoal-grilled Potato Shochu, Kagoshima, Tazaki Brewery) 650 yen
Charcoal-grilled potato shochu “Oni-yaki” uses Tanegashima shiimo, which has a strong aroma and sweetness, and usually sweet potato shochu is prepared by steaming sweet potatoes, but by using charcoal-grilled potatoes, fragrant and rich taste spreads to the mouth.
Ginza Sparrow (Barley Shochu, Oita, Yaga Brewing) 650 yen
Rich barley shochu made with white persimmons. You can enjoy it as an urban authentic barley shochu-eating sake and after-dinner sake.
Ryugu (black sugar shochu, Amami Oshima, Shibata Brewery) 650 yen
Water sourced from the native forest “Kinsohara” is used for the preparation water. Known as a difficult-to-obtain brand, sake lovers and shochu fans who are fascinated by its flavored sake quality are endless.

Caring Sake (Rock, Soda, Water)

Yoghurt Sake (Yamagata, Kashiwa no Kawa Brewery) 650 yen High-end plum wine brown sugar 650 yen
Popular NO1 drink when it is hard! ! It is a delicious taste that does not stop because it is sake while remaining fresh in the yogurt studio at the foot of Mt. Toriumi. It is a plum wine carefully prepared with carefully selected plums with domestic brown sugar. It has an elegant and rich aroma and sweetness.
Mango Sake (Yamagata, Kashiwa no Kawa Brewery) 650 yen Komasa’s Plum Wine 650 yen
It is a gem that you can fully feel the rich mango aroma, rich taste, and tropical flavor. Plum wine prepared with authentic shochu, which is rare in Japan. Fresh ome and honey an old-fashioned home-style homemade plum wine invites appetite and heals tiredness.
Arayuki Momoshu (Ume no Shuzo, Nara Prefecture) 650 yen Koy umeshu 650 yen
A gem that you can enjoy the fruit feeling, moderate sweetness and aroma like eating a peach dessert that achieves a soft texture like peach juice. This delicious plum wine boasts a rich umami with paste-like flesh. It is a new sense of plum wine that you can taste plenty of plum extract.
Jabara Sake (Wakayama, Hideo Yoshimura Shoten) 650 yen Sleep dragon (Suiryu) 650 yen
The phantom citrus “Jabara” which is neither Yuzu nor Kabos nor Sudachi is an ausothy citrus named from the place where “I put evil(ty)”. If you like small bitter citrus, please try it by all means. The mouth is also soft, and it passes lightly around the throat, and the goodness of the sharpness is outstanding. The passion of the brewer is transmitted.


“House Wine”
Glass (red and white) 650 yen
Decanter (500ml) 1550 yen
Santa Rita Reselva Cabernet Sauvignon 3500 yen
Jean-Claude Mas Syrah Reserve 4000 yen
Jacob’s Creek 3500 yen
Jean-Claude Mas Chardonnay Reserve 4000 yen
Glass Sparkling 750 yen
Peach Sparkling 750 yen
Vinidelsa Douche Chevalier Dry 4000 yen
Recommended Sparkling 4000 yen
Recommended Champagne 10000 yen

Soft drink

Condensed milk 500 yen
Nektar (disambiguation) 500 yen
Oolong tea 500 yen
Dark green tea 500 yen
Cranberry Juice 500 yen
Rescue set (condensed milk & help 3 items) 800 yen
Jinjaere 500 yen
Jasmine tea 500 yen
Non-alcoholic beer 500 yen
Barley Wakaba Aojiru 500 yen
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