With the theme of spicy dishes that are not bound by Korean and Chinese cuisine, we use domestic ingredients and chili peppers.
We provide safe and secure dishes with the hotness that becomes a habit.


1 Eat spicy food and cheer up your body!

Eat chili peppers in all seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter to cheer up your body!
In our shop, you can enjoy “spicy dishes that are not only spicy” using a wide variety of rare chili peppers from all over the world, not to mention Japan.
Capsaicin, which is a feature of the pepper component, has many effects, activates lipolytic enzymes, promotes the decomposition of fat in the body, improves blood circulation, and activates metabolism. Protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and prevents stomach pain, stomach leaning, gastritis, etc. There is an image that it is bad for the stomach because it is painful, but in fact, it is said that it is reversed because the mucous membrane of the stomach is stimulated and protected with mucus.
In addition, it is said that it is effective in recovering from fatigue recently, and chili peppers are a great ingredient that will cheer you up.

2 Relieve stress by eating spicy food!

In addition, because the component called psiite contained in the pepper increases energy consumption and improves metabolic function, it increases body temperature.
Because sweat comes out in large quantities because of that, it is said that it is good for detoxification of the body.
At the same time, capsaicin has been shown to stimulate adrenaline secretion in the adrenal glands, which increases tension and makes it easier to laugh as you eat.
We hope that you will have a good time with spicy food and have a great laugh, a
nd that it will be a meal that will relieve the stress on your body and mind, working hard every day in a stressful society.

3 Traditional Japanese vegetables, chili peppers!

The history of chili peppers in Japan is old, and most of the peppers with various different characteristics are considered “traditional vegetables” in each region. However, in modern times, only the cheap taste and aroma of mass production are recognized as “chili peppers”.
Most of the chili peppers in Japan are made desperately by a small number of farmers to leave the tradition.
The red rose thinks that it is possible to convey to everyone the wonderfulness of the japanese food tradition through the pepper.

4 Rich drinks to meet spicy dishes

You can enjoy a wide variety of drinks, such as “hot” drinks that make spicy dishes a delicious and enjoyable meal on a plate, and homemade chili drinks.

5 Even more delicious with the severity that was in me!

We order a wide variety of safe and secure chili peppers not only in Japan but also around the world according to the season.
Please find spicy and fragrant chili peppers that will meet you with MY PEPPER.
It is also possible to take it home as the only original group in the world.
If you have time, it is also possible to create an original shichimi. By all means, please try a variety of chili peppers, please enjoy the world of deep chili peppers!

Proud of “akai-tsubo” Shabu-Shabu

It is an exquisite pot introduced on TV.
It is made in two colors: spicy soup of chili peppers with Chinese medicine such as nails and octal corners, and mild frozen water soup.
Seasonal vegetables, fish, meat, etc. can be served as shabu-shabu through your favorite soup.
We use plenty of frozen hot water (dontan) once to enrich the umami of the soup stewed with pork, chicken, vegetables and seafood over three days and nights.

The nutritional value is very high, and it is said that the pot which can be served as it is is very effective for beauty and health.

The soup itself does not contain salt, so you can enjoy a variety of flavors with special sesame sauce and spicy daikon ponzu sauce.

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