Menu of the night

Menu of the night

A la carte dishes have a level of severity


Red shabu-nabe served in a hot pot style that you can enjoy with two kinds of soup. The harmony of a lot of Chinese medicine and fresh ingredients warms up from the core of the body deeply.

2980 yen per person (Please order from 2 people)

Red soup Hot soup with 9 kinds of chili peppers and 7 kinds of Chinese medicine stewed for 4 days
White soup A nutritious frozen water soup that boils pork, chicken, vegetables, etc. over a three-day time, freezes once and condenses the flavor

Red Fuji Nabe 3 Hot Chili Cheese Sukiyaki Nabe

1 person 1980 yen (available from 2 people)

A rich spicy cheese soup pot blended with six kinds of cheese to match the deep spicy Tochigi Mitaka. It is served in a pot of Nan
bu ironware in Iwate Prefecture so that the hotness can be transmitted slowly to the pork and vegetables hidden under the chili pepper. It is a happy cheese and pepper pot reminiscent of Bhutaan cuisine.

Pot of the Month

You can choose from 1 to 5 hot. For more information, please refer to the in-store booklet or staff.

2680 yen per person (available from 2 people)

[ 追加具材] You can add any pot.

Dashi soup red and white 300 yen each
Pork 500 yen
Domestic hormonal 800 yen
vegetables 800 yen
Seafood 1800 yen
Noodles of the crab 350 yen
Porridge set 450 yen
Hot plus set 600 yen

1 Spicy
Raw spring roll with original spi
ce sauce
Omakase Antipast Umami
Spicy Appetizers
1240 yen
Crispy salad with Korean greens an
d daikon radish with homemade spicy dressing
880 yen
It’s so popular! Today’s whimsical sala
d with homemade spicy dressing
980 yen
Homemade Shichimi Chili P
epper and Sesame Oil KING of Garlic
Gutsutsu and Tho
n Toppogi with Spicy Cheese Oven
890 yen
2 Hot
Specialty! This is a spicy roll ca
bbage that cannot be removed.
940 yen
Chili peppers and mrs.
Ajillo with today’s ajillo bucket
930 yen
Your skin is smooth! Tomorrow’s
energetic red samgetan
2980 yen
Chicken is spicy fried chic
ken with chili peppers.
880 yen

3 Hot
It’s so popular! Healthy
sandy liver and hot chapche of spring rain
980 yen
Yangnom chicken with a lot of fans and
a lot of homemade sauce
930 yen
The special Chinese medicine soup will cheer you up to
morrow Sundubuchige
1050 ye
n plus rice 300 yen
Crispy fierce horse to chili
peppers, potato fries with seven flavors of tsubo
730 yen
Because it is a special material, it is delici
ous, and it is delicious.
980 yen
A high-quality red meat of horse meat from Kumamoto
Prefecture is used.
960 yen
Eggs and cheese are good friends with chili pe
ppers! Spicy Spanish cheese omelette
860 yen
It becomes hot from 4 hot to spicy! 3 hot 4 hot goes up the spicyness greatly.
You can enjoy 3 kinds of chili peppers wit
h 3 kinds of hot appetizers
1500 yen
A mountain of chili peppers flavored with d
omestic garlic! Peperoncino Penne
1250 yen
Today’s spicy sashimi that homemade who make sash
imi spicy and delicious
950 yen
It’s so spicy! But with cheese, it’s mel
low and chewy cheese takkarbi.
1680 yen
It is a chicken with the bone of the rose. De
ep-fried chicken in flames
890 yen
Japanese dashi and gyoza flavored wh
ite spicy mapo tofu
1120 yen

5 Hot
The Great Procession of Chili Peppers in
the World! Paella
1400 yen
Chili peppers a
nd hot tandoori chicken
980 yen
If you can eat this, it is OK to say that you are go
od at hot and spicy!
1360 yen
6 Hot
Per? Hazle? How many do you want?
The Russian roulette of the bite hamburger
is so hot that tears come out! The numbe
r per is usually one, but you can increase it depending on your preference.
(6 pieces) 1500 yen
(10 pieces) 1820 yen
I’ve been waiting for a new me
nu! Agony Cheese Toppogi
1320 yen
Hot and spicy hormones are de
licious! Chili pepper shop trippa
980 yen

7 Hot
Why is it so spicy wit
h a shrimp with garlic shrimp?
1320 yen
Trinidad Corpion-simmered hot soup with hel
l’s oni-spicy tofu
1280 yen
8 Hot
refrain from the person wh
o is elderly and the heart is weak. Because it becomes anemic stat
e when it eats by hunger, it is served to the last one. In addition, p
lease sign the pledge that it is self-responsibility.
2500 yen

a snack that’s coming out right away
Ume & Rakyu 480 yen
Chilled Tomatoes 480 yen
Korean go-on 480 yen
Homemade kimchi 480 yen
Changja 480 yen
Nutted 480 yen
Please choose three kinds from the snack that will come out soon. 1000 yen
Tofu with plenty of seafood flavor and toro to
ro an stone-grilled ankake
950 yen
Hanayama mountain pass
is unbearable.
680 yen
Carpaccio of fresh fish with And
ean beni salt and lemon
1050 yen
Popular No.1 Anchovy Potat
o Fries with White Roses
730 yen
Hamon Serran
o & MIX Nuts with Wine
800 yen
Healthy No1 Cheese
Chijimi with plenty of vegetables
980 yen

a dish of crabs
Iwate Sun-Dried Pesticide Ric
e White Rice
300 yen
It’s good and it’s hard
! 2 pieces of spicy-grilled onigiri (2 pieces)
650 yen per hot
Take a look at the blackb
oard today’s pasta
0 to 3 hot 1000 yen
Buckets for both
300 yen
Iwate-born owner’s commitment orig
inal Morioka cold noodles
1200 yen
Hot! Egg-roasted stone
-grilled kimchi fried rice
3 hot 1120 yen
Healing is necessary for life – please see the blackb
oard today’s cake
600 yen
French toast with hot
freshly baked bean honey organic honey
680 yen
cal Ice Cream
500 yen
Sweet but spicy myste
rious torashi cake
500 yen

Souvenirs “I grab the heart of a hot thing lover and do not let go” and “I cannot part with it to accompany the table” are very popular! The reason why it is so delicious and spicy is that we are professional peppers. Because it is handmade in our shop, you can feel the taste of deep chili peppers. Line-up that can not be available any other, please taste by all means at home!
“I’ve never seen a delicious and spicy dressing!” Hot and spicy dressing that was born from t
he voice of the customer
1 hot 800 yen
The most delicious thing is to put it on the rice as it is. Hom
emade umami miso
2 hot 650 yen
The red pepper which is a professional of the pepper is really delicious and the domestic chili pepper which arrived is blended without going out of the gate! Such a luxurious shichimi is not available any other
way! Carefully selected Shichimi Torashi & Ichimi Torashi
7 hot 1000 yen
a superb garlic chip that is peeled and sliced one by one and deep-fried at low temp
erature and scented only
650 yen
Carefully selected Aomori minced garlic oil pickled with garlic from Ao
mori Prefecture selected by white tsubo
1000 yen
a refined flavored dressing with garlic carefully lined and left only fragran
t with white glaze garlic dressing

750 yen

You will receive 500 yen for your seat. We have re
ceived a service charge of 5% after 17:00. I’d like to check the account at your seat.

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